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Solar Battery Overview
Today’s solar battery technology can end black outs and reduce power costs
Batteries are safe, reliable and affordable for everyone considering solar. Federal and State incentives can save you as much as 50% off the battery cost.
Protect Yourself Against Blackouts
Batteries offer blackout protection during a power outage. A battery system allows your solar panels to continue to provide power when the sun is shining. Without batteries, the solar panels will shut down. When the sun is down, the battery provides power to the areas of the home you need the most.
Save Money During Peak Utility Hours
In areas where utility rates change depending on the time of day, known as Time of Use Rates, batteries allow you to store excess power produced during the day, and discharge the stored energy at the time of day when rates are at their highest.
Key Benefits of a Storage System
1. Black-out proof your home – the battery will support critical loads for 2-3 hours
2. Balance your usage in peak-rate times 
3. Batteries allow you to store the excess energy you produce, and use it when you need it most.
Solar Battery Basics
When coupled with rooftop solar panels, batteries provide a clean and reliable way to further decrease your home’s reliance on ‘the grid’. The new generation of batteries provides greater storage capacity, longer life and are maintenance free.
No power? No problem!
During a power outage, the battery will power the essential functions of your house, including lights, furnace, a refrigerator and maybe a TV (hey, TVs are essential, right?).
Did you know that without a battery, solar panels shut down during a power outage? This is a safety feature to protect linemen working on a downed line from being harmed by the power coming from your solar panels.
With a battery, your solar panels continue to work when the grid is down. 
What Can You Power? (Scott, come up with different examples)
6 kw provides approximately 3 hours of power
Furnace Fan
Sump Pump
Several Lights (especially LEDs)
Internet Router
16 kw provides approximately 7 hours of power
Furnace Fan
Sump Pump
Gas Oven/Stove
Internet Router
Larger TV 
Cable box
3 Electric Blankets
Energy Storage Saves You Money
Your solar production is highest during the day, when usage is often low. Batteries help balance availability with demand. Storing the energy produced during the day and making it available after the sun goes down.
Rate Management
Many utility companies charge different rates for different times of the day - charging the highest rate a peak times. Adding a battery to your solar system allows you to store the excess energy produced by your solar panels and use it when prices are at their peak – helping you leverage and get the most benefit from your solar system.

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